Dario Wainer

ecosistema de innovación en la argentina

Cofundador y Productor de GarageLab Trabajando en el desarrollo de una comunidad de expertos multidisciplinaria. http://garagelab.cc


Wainer recognized that his country needed more opportunities for people across political, economic, and social sectors to collectively generate new ideas to respond to social problems.

So, in 2009, Emiliano Kargieman and him created a Lab in order to solve problems.

Garage Lab invites the best and brightest minds from different institutions to collaborate and create solutions.

Rather than just presenting a new idea, GarageLab builds the necessary infrastructure of people and entities that share knowledge and realize the ideas and projects that its members conceive.

For example, GarageLab, in 2009, built a group of diverse Argentinians who wanted to tackle the issue of pollution in the Buenos Aires water basin.

The team created a detailed map of the basin that depicted the 25 largest sources of pollution. They met some environmental and social NGO’s and pressured external actors, such as the state, to act and improve the situation, and tracked the groups and sectors’ progress to ensure that they complied with their commitments.

GarageLab is now an acknowledged leader in the field of knowledge and information sharing, creative solutions, and open government.