The Tecnópolis Sanitary Park in Buenos Aires: from isolation center to place of conviviality – m7red

Errant Journal, embracing plurality
and opacity- , Amsterdam, 2022

While discomfort is often something that sneaks up on us, or
something we simply endure, could we instead use it consciously
as a strategy, and consequently as an act of resistance? […]
Equally unavoidable was the presence of COVID-19 in this issue
as it has been in our lives the last two years and has drastically
transformed the ways we think and feel about being in close proximity
to others. The case, discussed here by architectural collective
m7red, of the Argentinian government’s Sanitary Park in Buenos
Aires, set up to temporarily house individuals infected with the
virus who were not able to remain isolated from their families at
home, can be seen as an experiment with important implications.
How to stay connected while being isolated? What other forms of
closeness can we imagine when our zones of comfort are suddenly
shattered? As we adapt to a new reality in which the urgency of the
COVID crisis recedes in our memory, we can perhaps rethink some
of these relations the pandemic has exposed. Let us not just slip
back into our comfortable lives unthinkingly but consider how so
much of what has been exposed these last years is structural, but
not unchanging.
Irene de Craen