Ape Law – Istanbul Design Biennial

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Forensic Architecture in collaboration with FIBAR: Baltasar Garzón, m7red and Irendra Radjawali (United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Argentina)


Galata Primary Greek School

“Throughout history, [orang-utans] have been threshold figures between man and nature. They are also currently at the frontiers of debates regarding the future of laws and rights based on their neurological, genetic and physiological similarities to humans… Sandra, a female orang-utan has won, in an Argentinian court, the right to be considered a ‘subject’ of law, rather than a mere object or a ‘thing’… The death of orang-utans in the [2015] Borneo fires must be thought of as existing between murder and illegal poaching, between human rights and the rights of nature, and on the level of their species, between genocide and ecocide.” –EW, PT, NA, SM, LP, ARP, ASS, CV, MC, PT

«Ape Law» es el primer capítulo de la investigación «Historia Natural de los Derechos Humanos» (texto de Eyal Weizman publicado en e-flux)