A+U: Experiments with architectonic practices

A+U 531 14:12 This instalment introduces experiments by architects who began their activities since the outset of the 21st century. Through projects and interviews, a common theme emerges: the architects’ determination to actively commit to society. Includes interviews with The Living (New York), Rotor (Brussels), Vo Trong Nghia (Vietnam), Van Bergen Kolpa (Rotterdam), m7red (Buenos Aires), Assemble (London), Superpool (Istanbul), Collectif Etc (Marseille), among others.

a+u 2014:12 – Feature: Experiments with Architectural Activities.
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The Living
Interview: Intersection of Architecture, Biology, and Computation
Hy-Fi / Pier 35 EcoPark
Interview: Linking Supply and Demand on Construction Field
Furnishing and interior design for the cultural center of the old slaughterhouse
of Bomel / Dismantling of office buildings
Gramazio & Kohler
Flight Assembled Architecture / Public Toilets / Ofenhalle
Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Interview: Reconstructing Connections Between People and Nature in
Cities of Vietnam
House for Trees / Farming Kindergarten
Van Bergen Kolpa Architecten
Interview: Architecture for Food
Co-Housing Hoogvliet / Park Supermarket / Climate Resilient City 2050
Interview: Complex Scenarios
The Riachuelo River Basin
Interview: Involving Directly in Changing Surroundings
Make, Don’t Make Do / Yardhouse / Cineroleum / Folly a Flyover / OTOProject
Interview: Testing the Contemporary Tools in the Uncontrollable Cities
Architecture Summer Rhein-Main 2015 / TailorCrete
Interview: Experimental Spatial Practice in Urban Areas
Kolorado Neustadt / Osthang Project
Collectif Etc
Interview: Sharing the System and Transforming Spaces by Themselves
“Osthang Project” – Space Kitchen
TYIN tegnestue Architects
Interview: Architects as Designers, Problem Solvers, Facilitators,
Teachers and Carpenters
Old Market Library / Lyset paa Lista
Interview: Creating “Collectives” as Platform
El Campo de Cebada (by Antonella Broglia + Zuloark)
Nene Tsuboi and Tuomas Toivonen
Interview: Constructing Autonomy through Engagement
Interview: Slow Down the Pace of Architectural Consumption
Interview: Create a Debate on the Basis of International Network

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