Inhabiting the interlacing

At “Communitas” exhibition, curated by Cecilia Andersson, Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden, November 2012.

umea umea mesa

Communitas: What is our relationship to the city? What ideas and methods are available that can enable the creation of a better city, and who decides the course of future urban development? Can we find a way to make the city ours, if only for the moment? The exhibition Communitas aims to inspire, excite curiosity and generate a debate about the city as our communal space. November 18, 2012–February 10, 2013

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Inhabiting the interlacing. A Cartography of Glocalization for Umeå, 2012
The installation shows a «glocal» map of Umeå incorporating various objects linked to the city and the region. The selected objects work as the delegated spokespeople for a number of processes that are currently transforming Umeå. Through the intricately interwoven contexts that these objects are part of, they contribute to the story of Umeå’s future. m7red is a network in Buenos Aires with its own archive, laboratory and advisory office. It was founded by Mauricio Corbalan and Pio Torroja in 2005, and since then, m7red have analysed, discussed and drawn up proposals on how to deal with urgent political and urban issues. They work as a research group, as urban consultants and as a strategic forum.